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PRACTIcING ECONOMETRICS : Essays in Method and Application

PRACTIcING ECONOMETRICS : Essays in Method and Application

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Zvi Griliches has made many seminal contributions to econometrics during the course of a long and distinguished career. His work has focused primarily on the economics of technological change and the econometric problems that arise in trying to study it.

This major collection presents Professor Griliches's most important essays and papers on method, applied econometrics and specification problems. It reflects his interests in data-instigated contributions to econometric methodology, developments in and exposition of specification analysis, statistical aggregation, distributed lag models, sample selection bias and measurement error and other unobservable variance component models. These methods are applied to important substantive questions such as the estimation of the returns to education, the measurement of quality change, and productivity and economies of scale.

Practicing Econometrics provides an essential reference source to the work of one of the most influential econometricians of the late 20th century.

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