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How can I contact you?
You can call us on 012 751 9705 during our office hours (07h00-17h00), mobile or WhatsApp 062 137 0695 or email us on
How do I place an online order?
To place an online order you need to:

1) Browse for the book using the catalog or search for books using the search facility.
2) Add the books you need by clicking 'add to cart'.
3) Select either 'close cart' or 'checkout' depending on if you would like to buy more books or not.
4) Follow the on-screen prompts to login or create a new account.
5) Provide your shipping and billing details for the order.
6) Provide payment details for the order.
  • PAYFAST - You will be redirected to PayFast to complete your purchase securely.

    Account Holder: Elex Academic Bookstore

    Account Type: Business Cheque

    Account Number: 62611242471

    Branch: Pretorius Street

    Branch Code: 250655


  • XBUX Vourcher 
7) Review order.
8) Check your email address.
9) Use your order number or name and surname as payment reference, send proof of payment to
The item  I am searching is not showing up on the catalog and search facility. What must I do?
Kindly go to contact us and provide us with your details and on the message box state which items you are looking for. If it is a book, state the ISBN number or title and edition of the book. Alternatively, email us directly at we will contact you as soon as we have received your message.

Can I return the items after payments?
Yes, in exchange for other items, but not  a refund. Kindly note that we will be able to take them within 7 working days after the purchase day. Items need to be unused to be valid for returns.  Provide us with the receipt (proof of purchase). Send your request to our email address
Can I cancel my order after payment?
Cancellation of orders by the client  will result in a deduction of 40% from the total cost of the item or items. The aforementioned 40% includes administration fees and advance order fees. 
How long do I wait after my order is successful  order? 
One to four weeks (within those weeks we will be interacting with you via email and telephonically to update you when will we ship your items).
Do you deliver items? 
Yes we deliver door to door, nation wide.
Can I resell or trade-in any books?
Yes, note that we only allow books that were bought from us (ELEX ACADEMIC BOOKSTORE). Provide us with your proof of purchase (receipt).
What is an ISBN?

ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit code that identifies specific editions of a book. They are sometimes written with hyphens. Examples: 0321543254, 0-321-54325-4, 9780321543257. ISBN codes are usually listed on a book's back cover, bar code, or copyright page.

Can I RESELL OR TRADE-IN prescribed textbooks, if yes what are the implications?
Elex Academic Bookstore is the only bookstore that allows our clients to resell or trade-in their prescribed textbooks to us.  It is 100% guaranteed that the resell or trade-in benefit is exclusively for clients who previously bought books from Elex Academic Bookstore.



  • In order for the transaction to be successful, the client needs to produce proof of purchase.
  • Elex Academic Bookstore will deduct fifty percent (50%) from the total cost of the initial price of the books bought.
  • Elex Academic Bookstore will evaluate the condition of the book, however, if the condition of the book is not satisfactory, Elex Academic Bookstore will make a further deduction of more than fifty percent.
  • Elex Academic Bookstore allows the reselling and trading in of books between the months of January and February only.
  • No transaction will take place if there is no proof of purchase.
  • For bursary-holders, this service it is not applicable to you.
  • For those clients who bought used books, it is important to note that the resell and trade in benefit does not apply.
  • Elex Academic Bookstore only accepts books that were previously bought from them.
  • Trade ins or reselling of books will be prohibited during the course of the year.
  • The resell and trade in benefit is only applicable to clients who purchased new textbooks from Elex Academic Bookstore.
  • This service its strictly focused on individual clients.
  • We won't allow 2 or more of the same books to be traded or resell to us.
  • Send your request via email to , we will contact you as soon as possible.


Who is our target market?

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions nation wide.