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About Us

Elex Academic Bookstore was founded on the premise of providing any prescribed textbook for each and every student. Elex Academic Bookstore stands on the words that were uttered by our former President, Nelson “Rolihlahla” Mandela when he said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We pride ourselves in being the preferred bookseller by learners, students, lecturers and organisations alike by catering for all the needs of the client from a learner who is in pre-school to a working professional who is furthering his/her studies – so that they are able to change the world through their education.

It is with great eagerness we mention that Elex Academic Bookstore is the official books and stationery supplier of the renowned University of Venda  which is located in Thohoyandou(Limpopo). We have internal physical store at UNIVEN ( Student Center) where by we implemented cyber center for  students to order online to avoid long cues in that regards they  are able to order anywhere and collect their items at our physical store.  We also have another innovative bookstore at Opera Plaza, 231 Pretorius Street, Pretoria (CBD), 0001 where we offer any students FREE INTERNET  and WIFI for their academic research purpose and offer printing service to them.

We are  registered under the South African Booksellers Association and have extensive experience in servicing staff, schools, teachers as well as lecturers, municipalities, students and professionals and all our clients can enjoy a fast and efficient delivery of their orders.

Elex Academic Bookstore have expanded their services in ensuring that all the needs of learners/students are catered for and those services include:

  • Trade in and resell of university/college textbooks.
  • Website creation for organisations, individuals, government as well as schools.
  • Textbooks from all disciplines as well as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, stationery, student furniture and appliances, and so much more.
  • We service laptops/desktops bought from us, free of charge, which would include installation of software, Windows, MS Office and Anti-Virus software.
  • Offer FREE internet to any student and WIFI
  • Authors can show-case their book(s)/novel(s) on our online store and the client’s purchases includes our in-house courier/shipping service.


To provide a convenient and efficient source for books nation-wide.


For students to have access to their prescribed textbooks and study materials at affordable prices and in the time that is appropriate to them.

Corporate Social Investment

Elex Academic Bookstore is a stern believer in giving back to the community and playing a vital part in the development of the community by establishing programs that are education-friendly and focus on building the development of the learners at no cost to them.

One of our interests in terms of giving back to the community is learners who are in primary level, secondary level and tertiary level.

  • Primary School Learners

 Laying the foundation in English and Mathematics is vital for young people in today’s job market. These subjects act as basic filters for employers. With that said, we hosts fun-filled, educational activities such as Spelling Bee Competitions and Maths Olympiads.

  • Secondary School Learners

Choosing which discipline to venture into after high school or choosing subjects that are relevant to the career path that a learner wishes to pursue can become a daunting task, however, we assists learners by providing Career Guidance so that learners can make informed decisions and become productive in their careers. Not only is Career Guidance crucial, it goes hand-in-hand with motivational speaking, we connects learners with Life Coaches that are able to inspire the learners to become the best in what they do.

  • Tertiary School Students

 Elex Academic Bookstore offers students the opportunity to undertake an internship that will provide in-depth experience that is relevant to the student’s field of study. If we do not not offer an internship that is related to the student’s field of study, we will then connect the student or students to the relevant employer.

In the spirit of World Book Day, we promotes and celebrates the love of reading by donating books to libraries and schools as well as colleges.