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Analysis of Safety Incidents 1st edition

Analysis of Safety Incidents 1st edition

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Author(s): Unknown Author
Page count: 371
ISBN: 9781485129387
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2018
Categories: Academic, Academic,
Type: Print

About this publication

Workplace incidents and accidents affect businesses long after the incidents occur. The interruption of busi­ness activities and running equipment results in financial loss. Injuries suffered by people damage a business’s image and competitive edge, and demotivate employees. By approaching safety risks in a measured, responsible manner, safety professionals and business owners can mitigate the occurrence of incidents and prevent them from happening in the workplace.

Analysis of Safety Incidents draws together the work and expertise of four authors experienced in the field of safety management. It guides readers through the theory of safety management with practical examples and applications as well as a series of self-assessment questions that test the readers’ understanding.


  • Safety management
  • Safety incident investigation and reporting
  • Accident causation theories and loss
  • Safety and unsafety – challenging current views on safety hazards
  • Real safety hazards and the characteristics of safety hazards
  • Safety in a situational context, and humans as safety hazards
  • Safety as a science
  • Safety risk and its origins
  • Legal requirements
  • The role of cross-functional teams
  • Evaluating safety risks
  • Establishing a safety culture
  • Quantitative methods and safety data analysis

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