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The Theory of Corporate Finance

The Theory of Corporate Finance

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In The Theory of Corporate Finance, Michael J. Brennan has brought together a set of major papers which defines the current status of the theory of corporate finance. This authoritative collection emphasizes recent research, while also including representative classics in the field.

The main paradigms in corporate finance are addressed in these volumes, with particular attention to the problems raised by information asymmetries and the responses to them. Major sections deal with issues including shareholder objectives, agency and monitoring, adverse selection and signalling, reputation, and contracting and incentives.

The Theory of Corporate Finance also covers the application of the paradigms of corporate finance to particular aspects of corporate financial decisions and relationships. These include initial public offerings of common stock, the role of debt contracts, the relation between financial structure and the real asset and product markets, capital investment decisions, hedging and disclosure policy, insider trading, the effect of taxes on financial policy, takeover contests and the assignment of voting and control rights, and corporate bankruptcy.

Michael J. Brennan's two volume set brings together key articles and papers which represent the current state of the financial theory of the corporation, ensuring that this collection will be an invaluable resource for scholars, students and practitioners of finance and financial economics.

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