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The Sociology of Politics

The Sociology of Politics

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This scholarly collection presents some of the most important classical and contemporary texts of relevance to political sociology. Volume I offers an overview of the sociological approach to the concepts of power and the state; it examines state theory in the 1970s from both a Marxist and Capitalist point of view, the recent shift of political power from the state to other areas of society, this issue of citizenship, and the welfare state.

Volume II focuses on the most important political formations and processes in modern societies: democracy, revolution and totalitarianism. It also looks more broadly at political processes in non-industrial societies and at recent historical and sociological analyses of global political systems.

Volume III offers analyses of the principal political ideologies and movements of the twentieth century. Other topics covered include military power and regimes and the social bases of politics such as classes and elites, ethnicity, gender and religion.

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