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The Sociology of Migration

The Sociology of Migration

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At the end of the twentieth century with the increased flows of capital, ideas, commodities and peoples, migration - a central concern of early sociology - has again assumed global significance.

The Sociology of Migration is a collection of over 15 articles covering such themes as the peculiarity of migrant labour, the dynamics of international labour migration, women migrants, enclaves and labour markets, the effects of remittances and return migration to the country of origin, migration and the social structure, refugees and displaced persons, the brain drain, migration in Asia and the effects of migration on the state-system.

This substantial, skilfully edited volume addresses a difficult and complex area that cannot easily be studied through one textbook. This collection present - in one accessible volume - the articles and papers required to form a clear understanding of the area ensuring it will be widely used by sociologists and migration scholars.

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