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The Life of Knut Wicksell

The Life of Knut Wicksell

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Knut Wicksell is increasingly recognized as one of the great economists and as a major influence on modern economics. Wicksell brilliantly summarized and developed neoclassical economic theory, making major contributions to marginal productivity theory, to public finance and to monetary theory.

Torsten Gardlund's acclaimed biography, although long out of print, remains the classic interpretation of Wicksell's life. As Lars Jonung explains in his preface, 'Gardlund's book has kept its sparkle over the forty years which have elapsed since it was first published. . . Its clarity and vitality have made it a classic in its own right.' Mark Blaug, the eminent economic methodologist and historian of economic thought, has described it as 'my favourite biography of a great economist.'

This edition of The Life of Knut Wicksell will be welcomed as an excellent introduction to the life of a major economist whose theories and ideas have shown themselves to be of lasting value.

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