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Gottfried Haberler's work on the theories of classical international trade and comparative cost, as well as his definitive synthesis of business cycle theory, have made a major impact on economic knowledge and understanding. He also participated actively in the post-war analysis of the causes of and cures for inflation, particularly in relation to questions of international monetary reform.

Featuring some of his most important and interesting essays on international finance, international trade and the history of economics written over a period of more than 60 years, these two volumes eloquently advocate his liberal approach to the international economic order. Volume I, Essays on International Economics, features papers on currency convertibility, the international monetary system and trade policy and controls. Volume II, Money, Cycles and Related Themes, includes material on money and business cycles and the history of economics, with papers on Fisher, Schumpeter and Marxian economics.

These volumes present in an accessible form carefully edited selections of Professor Haberler's articles and papers, as well as an up-to-date bibliography. The set will be an essential companion for any economist with an interest in international trade, inflation and monetary theory.

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