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Integrated Marketing Communication 3rd Ed.

Integrated Marketing Communication 3rd Ed.

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With the launch of the first edition of Integrated marketing communication (IMC) in 2001, it was the first title with this title; currently it still is. In recent international publications on this topic, authors have questioned the use of the concept IMC, preferring integrated brand promotion (IBP). These authors argue that IMC emphasises the communication effort, but that IBP goes beyond this, and they postulate that coordinated promotional messages need to have brand-building effects and not just communication effects. By implication it can be deduced from that statement that integrated marketing communication does not contain brand-building effects - which, of course, is not true. The use of the term promotion is also too limiting and refers to a specific communication device, therefore the authors of this book contend that IMC is still valid. The authors' view is that the brand is crucial and must be the focus when the situation and strategy require it. The central role of brand has been addressed in this title, and the importance is frequently mentioned in the various applications of the IMC elements. Since the publication of the second edition in 2005, valuable comments have been received from users. The validity of information was re-assessed, and new updates were made in terms of theory and South African market statistics. In addition, new cases have been included in various chapters, measurement techniques have been added in each chapter and more examples have been included.

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