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Explaining Economic Growth : A New Analytical Framework

Explaining Economic Growth : A New Analytical Framework

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In Explaining Economic Growth David Lim presents a new analytical framework for explaining the different growth performances of developing countries.

Drawing on the growth experience of the newly industrializing economies of East Asia, the author begins his analysis by identifying the sources of output growth and the factors behind them. Recognizing that no one explanation of economic growth is entirely satisfactory, Professor Lim's analysis enables the strengths of existing explanations to be highlighted and used in the construction of more convincing hypothesis of economic growth. An operational framework for identifying the policies needed to produce greater economic growth is also developed.

Explaining Economic Growth presents the large and often unstructured development literature within a systematic framework allowing for a series of policy-oriented conclusions. Accessible and yet rigorous, this major new book will be widely used by students, researchers and policy makers concerned with economic growth and development.

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