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Equal educational opportunities - issues and challenges

Equal educational opportunities - issues and challenges

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Chapter 1. Equal educational opportunities and the Constitutional Court
Chapter 2. Religion in public schools: some observations on the South African national policy on religion and education
Chapter 3. Increasing access to education throughout European society
Chapter 4. Non-discrimination and equal educational opportunities: UNESCO's normative action
Chapter 5. Brown v. Board of Education: A restoration of equity in public education
Section I: Equal educational opportunities defined: the constitutional framework
Chapter 6. The Constitution and equal educational opportunities
Chapter 7. Equal educational opportunities: An American point of view Section II: Education financing: funding
Chapter 8. Some aspects of equity in the funding of public schooling in South Africa
Chapter 9. The American paradox: How constitutional values inhibit the achievement of quality education
Section III: Education financing: privatization
Chapter 10. A critical analysis of school choice, educator accountability and the new desegregation in American public schools
Chapter 11. Privatization of elementary and secondary education in America
Section IV: Values
Chapter 12. From equality of opportunity to equality of treatment as a value-based concern in education
Chapter 13. Religion and American public education: An overview
Section V: Discipline
Chapter 14. A South African perspective of the impact of discipline on access to equal educational opportunities
Chapter 15. Student discipline and equal educational opportunities in the United States
Section VI: Language
Chapter 16. The language perspective Section VII: Accountability
Chapter 17. Towards an analytical framework for accountability regarding equal educational opportunities Synthesis

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