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Economic Policy

Economic Policy

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Economic Policy presents an authoritative selection of articles which have played a key role in influencing the direction of economic theory and methodology and thus the policy presecriptions which macroeconomists give to decision-makers. Volume I contains the most influential articles which have shaped the main debates in macroeconomic theory since its foundation. It covers such topics as the debate between Keynes and the Keynesians, the dispute between Keynes and the monetarists, the rational expectation revolution and critiques of that approach, and the debate between New Classical theorists and 'new' Keynesian theorists. Also included are papers which have defined alternative methodological approaches to modelling the macroeconomy.

Volume II investigates some important applications of economic policy analysis. It examines some of the key economic problems on the political agenda such as the record of monetarism, the problems of trade and structural unemployment, European monetary integration and the reform of post-Communist societies and assesses the extent to which economic research throws light on these problems.

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