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economic integration between unequal partners

economic integration between unequal partners

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Economic Integration between Unequal Partners deals with the emergence of the major trading blocs, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the European Union. The rise of these blocs has profound implications for the socio-economic and geo-political systems as we know them.

The author's question whether the irreversible trend towards mega trading blocs will lead to a reduction of economic disparities and convergence between unequal partners, or whether the process is a 'zero sum game' where one player's gains must come at the expense of another. The first two sections deal with the experience in North America and the EU respectively. The following sections concentrate on the political economy of integration, the monetary and financial aspects of the process, and the unique experience of German unification after 1990.

Featuring essays by leading experts in the field, this volume will be welcomed by scholars and students concerned with economic integration, international economics and international relations, as well as by practitioners in international institutions, finance ministries and central banks.

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