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ECONOMIC GROWTH : Theory and Evidence

ECONOMIC GROWTH : Theory and Evidence

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This new two volume set contains major recent theoretical and empirical contributions to the debate on long-term economic growth. Research on long-term growth was revitalized in recent years as it became clear that countries were not converging in income levels as was predicted by the neoclassical growth model. Also differences in growth rates across countries seemed systematic and predictable. These findings led to the development of models of 'endogenous growth' through which a country's long-run growth rate is determined by economic and policy variables.

Professor Grossman - who is a recognized authority on the new growth theory - has chosen some of the most exciting and and innovative papers on convergence and the endogenous growth models that were constructed to explain the stylized facts. Empirical tests of the new models, are made accessible, as well as extensions of the theory to study the effects of international trade on growth, the implications of imperfect capital markets for growth and the relationship between the distribution of income and growth

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