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Economic Change in Eastern Europe since 1918

Economic Change in Eastern Europe since 1918

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Change in Eastern Europe has too often been seen in narrowly political terms by historians and commentators. Underlying the often dramatic political events of the post -1918 period have been economic and social elements which have both massively influenced and severely constrained the political options of policymakers.

Economic Change in Eastern Europe since 1918 presents a concise, authoritative account of the economic history of Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia in the twentieth century. Drawing upon a deep knowledge of the primary literature and the latest research, the authors explain why Eastern Europe was already underdeveloped by 1914 before assessing the impact of two world wars, economic recession and socialist economic planning. The final chapter examines the aftermath of the 1989 revolutions and discusses some scenarios for the future of the region.

This important book offers economists, political scientists and historians a unique, authoritative overview of the economic legacy of Eastern Europe's turbulent past and the political and social factors, including the significant role of agrarian and land issues, which have helped to shape the region's history.

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