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DYNAMICS OF THE FIRM : Strategies of Pricing and Organization

DYNAMICS OF THE FIRM : Strategies of Pricing and Organization

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In interaction with their environment, firms change constantly; in trying to reduce uncertainties, they influence both their markets and the wider socio-political environment. Dynamics of the Firm addresses theoretical, empirical and policy issues concerned with the changing structure of firms.

This book seeks to develop a theory of the dynamics of the firm which contrasts with the neoclassical view of the firm as a static production function in a world of given technology and institutions. Papers discussing new institutional theories of the firm in relation to sociological approaches, in which power and trust play an important role, are followed by contributions which focus on empirical issues such as pricing strategies, industrial groups and networking. The public policy implications are discussed extensively.

Offering an original analysis of the organizational structures of firms operating in changing environments, this volume of essays by a distinguished group of economists will be welcomed by students, teachers and researchers in the areas of industrial organization and organizational economics.

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