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DOING ECONOMIC RESEARCH : Essays on the Applied Methodology of Economics

DOING ECONOMIC RESEARCH : Essays on the Applied Methodology of Economics

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Doing Economic Research brings together a series of authoritative and illuminating essays by Thomas Mayer which bridge the gap between the abstract work of methodology and the practical research problems that concern the professional economist.

Arguing that methodologists should pay more attention to the day-to-day problems that face practising economists, Professor Mayer illustrates how simple methodological considerations can clarify a series of issues in applied economics. In particular, he offers a defence of positivism in economics and counters the argument that economics is not an empirical science. Specific essays reassess debates about microfoundations and Ricardian equivalence, consider whether assumptions should be realistic, question whether recent improvements in techniques have helped to resolve the monetarist debate, discuss the role of consumer theory and deal with some key issues in econometric practice.

Doing Economic Research differs from other work on economic methodology by focusing on specific issues of concern to applied economists, such as whether the failure of consumer choice theory on experimental tests matters. Applied economists and methodologists will welcome the book's direct, down-to-earth manner and the way in which Professor Mayer's ideas are applied to contemporary economic research.

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