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Controversies in Post Keynesian Economics

Controversies in Post Keynesian Economics

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Controversies in Post Keynesian Economics proves that it is possible to meet the most exacting scholarly standards while also managing to make economics enjoyable to read.

Professor Davidson provides a lucid review of the debates between neoclassical Keynesians, monetarists and post Keynesians. These debates have been rekindled as a result of the revitalisation of the post Keynesian tradition coupled with the failure of the monetarist approach to explain economic developments in the 1980s. He develops this history of the struggle for the minds of economists, as well as explaining in intelligible language, the different roles assigned to money, contracts and the uncertainty of the inflationary process. In conclusion, he discusses which of these theories is likely to be most relevant to the economic problems that will be facing the free world in the 21st century.

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