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Violence in South African Schools

Posted by Elex Moatshe on

Written By: Molebogeng Lebea

Violence is taking over schools in South Africa due to illegal substances that learners are smoking and drinking at school!


Children no longer have respect for elders especially at schools. Teachers are complaining about learners who make their working environment difficult for them to teach and walk freely. They are being disrespected by learners every day. There are learners who go to school just to impress the other learners by making lame jokes and disrespecting teachers during school hours.

Corporal punishment has been burned in schools.  

Charity begins at home. Parents are also to be blamed the way these kids are behaving nowadays. They give them too much freedom and they do things that are not supposed to be done in front of the children. Parents should stop fighting and having arguments in front of children, they end up practicing what they saw their parents doing on innocent people. The way schools nowadays have turned to be violent, children seems to be controlling their parents at home. The behaviour that they portray at school is the behaviour they portray at home.

The department of education have been receiving too much complains regarding violence that is taking place at schools. Pupils carry weapons that are not allowed at schools. They are exposed to this life of caring weapons because they spend most of their time with people who are older than them, and yet parents do nothing with that.

In the past months they have been too much reports about learners who always disrespect their educators at schools. Learners want things to be done in their own ways meaning that they want to be in control of everything that is happening in school.

School environment is no longer a safe place for educators or learners since there is too much thing that are happening every day. Rape cases have also been reported whereby a grade R pupil was allegedly raped by three grade 2 boys, while waiting for transport outside of her primary school in Rocklands in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, reported the Cape Argus on Tuesday. This was shocking news to parents as they thought school is the most secured place their children can be.

The situation that is happening in schools doesn’t only shock the parents even the department is amazed with the way this children are behaving instead of focusing on their school work and have a better future than what their parents or families have.

The rules and regulations that are provided in schools are no longer being followed by the learners. They do as they want by caring arms and other illegal weapons that are not allowed to be entered with in the school premises.

According to is only through the combined efforts of school authorities, parents, community leaders and government that school violence can be addressed effectively. These efforts must be located within a broader framework of an intensive social crime prevention strategy that addresses much of the violence that is beyond the reach of police and which occurs within the home environment

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  • True that! Violence is now a big issue in our schools

    Molebogeng on
  • Kids this days behave like they’re possessed or something but in most cases, it has nothing to do with the parents. Kids are just hooligans

    Priscilla on
  • Education first and violence last

    Elsie Phiri on
  • Let’s work together to fight violence in schools please.

    Nomsa Mkhuma on
  • Violence really is a disturbing and breaking issue amongst young children.

    Kamogelo on

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