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Urban and Regional Economics

Urban and Regional Economics

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Urban and regional economics - in contrast to the rest of economics - places great emphasis on distance and location and the importance of spatial relationships.

Urban economics focuses on the city as a centre of economic activity where productivity is increased through many firms being located close to each other and to decision makers in the public sector. But because proximity is important, distance within the cities is also important and locations within the city will differ in their economic characteristics.

At the core of regional economics is the concept of the region as a part of the national economy which has distinct characteristics and, which because it is spatially separate, develops in a different way to the rest of the economy. In turn, the trajectory of the national economy is influenced by the economic performance of its regions.

This major new reference collection - prepared by leading authorities in the field - presents a blend of classic articles, examples of the most recent research and surveys of particular topics. It will be an essential source of reference for students, instructors and researchers with an interest in urban and regional economics.

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