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(De) Monopolising Paradise

(De) Monopolising Paradise

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(De) Monopolising Paradise argues that some interpretations of Islamic texts serve to distance Islam from other communities. Originally published as ‘Islam and non-Muslims’ by M.I. Meer in 1956, this edited version offers an in-depth interpretation of Qur‘ânic verses, with the idea that unlike other religions, which regard salvation as the sole monopoly of their followers, Islam recognises that God-fearing people of other religions would be duly rewarded by their Lord for pursuing the path of righteousness within the context of their faith. (De)Monopolising Paradise is an intellectual inquiry into what the Qur‘ân actually says about Muslims and non-Muslim relationships; it is a treatise for all persons of faith reminding them of the real message of Islam, Tawhîd, (Oneness), and the idea of unity under one God.

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