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This provocative and thoughtful book critically examines the major issues facing Europe today and makes policy proposals for the future.

The Future of Europe focuses on the main policy areas where European leaders must take decisions over the coming years. The issues discussed include the EC's policies for enlargement, greater depth, economic and monetary integration, foreign affairs, defence and citizenship rights. The author, Peter Coffey, offers a considered assessment of the move towards European integration, praising the achievements but also expressing concern about the lack of democratic control in the EC and its inability to co-ordinate its economic, monetary and foreign policies. European union, he argues, must be a selective coming together - a Europe a la carte - if the rights of the individual are to be reconciled with the necessity of creating a common front in selected critically important areas.

Written in an accessible and informative style, this key policy book introduces students, teachers and others to the central economic, social and political issues facing present-day Europe.

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