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Objections in Civil Litigation,1st Edition

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Author(s): van den Heever, P
Page count: 180
ISBN: 9780702184529
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2009
Categories: Civil Procedure, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

Objections in Civil Litigation deals in concise terms with the categories of objection raised in court and the leading and most useful authorities for each objection. A synopsis of the nature and content of each objection is included.

The book equips the busy practitioner confronted with an unruly witness with the tools to formulate a cogent and legally sound argument, at short notice, as to why a particular piece of testimony should be excluded. The opponent will similarly be assisted in dealing with the objection in a helpful and lucid manner.


  • Register of cases  
  • Leading questions  
  • Relevance  
  • Similar-fact evidence  
  • Collateral evidence  
  • Hearsay evidence  
  • Previous consistent statements  
  • Character evidence  
  • Opinion evidence  
  • Expert evidence 
  • The res gestae 
  • Parol evidence  
  • Cross-examination  
  • Re-examination  
  • Privilege  
  • The privilege relating to statements without prejudice  
  • Approach to the admissibility of improperly obtained evidence  
  • Failure to object to inadmissible evidence  
  • A synopsis of commonly used objections and cases 
  • An appendix of full headnotes of all cases referred to in the text

Interest / Benefit to

  • Advocates 
  • Attorneys appearing in civil matters 
  • Legal practitioners who need to formulate cogent legal argument, at short notice, to exclude objectionable testimony

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