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Mercantile Law in Botswana, 1st edition

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Product Details:

Author(s): Kiggundu, J
Page count: 410
ISBN: 9780702145643
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 1998
Categories: Corporate and Commercial Law, Law, Law, Law,
Type: Print

About this publication

Mercantile Law in Botswana is a highly practical reference volume produced primarily for students of commercial law in Botswana. Apart from coverage of six major areas of commercial law this book also includes an accessible digest of the leading cases and the principles they establish, plus related statutory provisions.

Key Features

  • Compares the principles and influence of English law on Roman-Dutch principles
  • A headnote for each case contains the principles of law expounded in that case
  • Notes at the end of each case extract explain further the legal issues raised or solved by the particular case; reconcile them with other decisions or statutory provisions, cross-references to other related cases, books and journal articles; and make suggestions for reform where appropriate


  • Negotiable instruments
  • Provisional sentence
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Partnership
  • Insolvency

Interest / Benefit to

  • Legal practitioners
  • Students
  • Academics

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