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Growing Human Rights and Values in Education - Elex Academic Bookstore

Growing Human Rights and Values in Education

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One cannot imagine a world stripped of social interaction. Our lives are intimately linked to those of others and we need to establish ground rules to regulate our interactions. These rules are rooted in values, morals and fundamental rights; they are the beacons according to which we navigate our lives. But these ground rules are not cast in stone. Our contemporary world is characterised by constant change that seems to engulf every aspect of our lives. All around us we see social systems crumbling as moral decay and disrespect for ethics set in. These disruptive changes compel us to reflect on values and human rights and the ground rules that anchor our lives and the community we serve. Hence, we are confronted with the question: how do we recreate morality and ethical behaviour to ensure that human rights are more than word in the Constitution? This book explores human issues in a quest to understand values, morals and human rights. It aims to help all of us - but especially students and teachers - develop an understanding of this complex world in which we must rediscover, redefine and reinvent values and human rights in order to build our fragile democracy. Only through rediscovery and understanding can we help learners and our social institutions develop a well-articulated approach to values and human rights in education. In the final analysis, it is not so much about teaching and learning values and human rights, as it is about living values and human rights and allowing them space to grow in society.

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