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General Subject Didactics

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Every young South African needs quality schooling, and well-trained, capable and confident teachers are very important in imparting knowledge, values and skills to their learners. These teachers therefore need to execute fundamental and challenging tasks in and outside the classroom, meet the diverse needs of South African learners in the 21st century and continually enhance their professional development, performance and competence in the workplace. In General Subject Didactics, practical guidance is provided for both the experienced and student teacher on how to teach effectively in the challenging South African education system, in order to ultimately contribute to quality education. Contents include the following: Concepts of General Subject Didactics versus Specific Subject Didactics; Roles and characteristics of competent teachers; Theory models of learning; The development of curricula; Teaching methods and strategies; Learning barriers and learner support; Methods, techniques and tools of assessment; Media and technology in the classroom. General Subject Didactics is aimed at all prospective and practising teachers who need to acquaint themselves with the basic competency requirements for effective and quality teaching in any South African classroom.

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