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Essays in the History of International Trade Theory

Essays in the History of International Trade Theory

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This volume brings together in one place the significant contributions which Arthur I. Bloomfield - a leading specialist in the field of international economics and especially international finance - has made to the history of international trade theory.

Featuring eight essays written between 1938 and 1992, the volume includes essays on aspects of trade theory in nineteenth century Britain. These papers contradict the customary view that trade theory in this period was essentially static in character and reveal that many early theorists had a lively interest in the dynamic aspects of the field, such as the influence of technological change on international specialization and the influence of foreign trade and investment on growth. The volume also includes papers examining the foreign trade theories of Adam Smith and Jacob Viner, as well as work on the international trade theories of French economists from the 18th century Physiocrats to those working in the latter nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Essays in the History of International Trade Theory will be welcomed by historians of economic thought and students of international trade as it fills a noticeable gap in the literature by bringing together important papers on a relatively neglected area of scholarship. A specially written introduction is included in which Professor Bloomfield describes in detail some of his experiences as an economist during the course of a long and varied career which included many years of distinguished government service.

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