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Comparative Guide to the Old and New Companies Acts (Paperback)

Comparative Guide to the Old and New Companies Acts (Paperback)

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The comparative guide to the old and new companies acts aims to assist the reader in making the transition from the Companies Act 61 of 1973 to the Companies Act 71 of 2008 by providing a variety of reference tables comparing provisions of the old and new Acts. Compiled with the assistance Prof. Richard Jooste, co-author of the acclaimed Commentary on the Companies Act, the comparative guide contains the following: a comprehensive table containing the full text of all sections and definitions of the old Companies Act in the left-hand column of each page contrasted against the comparable sections of the new Companies Act in the right-hand column. The table allows the reader to use their knowledge of the well-known old Act to find which portions of the new Act now fulfill a similar purpose. Relevant provisions are juxtaposed to allow the reader to quickly assess similarities and differences in the Acts. A quick guide (containing only section numbers) comparing the old and new Companies Acts and vice versa allowing the reader to quickly and easily establish whether a section of either Act has an analogous provision in the other and where it is to be found. A quick guide showing the association between regulations promulgated under the new Act and the comparable new sections. The full text of the new Companies Act using shading to distinguish between portions that are comparable to the old Act and those that are entirely new. A comprehensive list of reported judgments decided under the old Companies Act to assist with research.

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