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Business to Business Marketing

Business to Business Marketing

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About this Publication:

Business-to-business marketing is the first B2B marketing book in South Africa written by local academics. Its content therefore includes material to which South African students of B2B marketing can relate more easily.
This book is about businesses marketing their products and services to other businesses and covers concepts related to this environment. It gives valuable insights into business-to-business marketing management, as well as analysing B2B buying practices, supply chain management, the selection of business customers and the development of a B2B marketing strategy. It provides readers with an understanding of what B2B marketing is and how it differs from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. The book has a strong theoretical basis, while also exploring many case studies from a South African perspective.

Contents Include:

Chapter Title

  1. Introduction to Business-to-Business Marketing   
  2. Business-to-Business Environment: Customers, Organizations, and Markets   
  3. Organizational Buying and Buyer Behaviour   
  4. The Legal and Regulatory Environment    
  5. Concepts and Context of Business Strategy
  6. Market Research and Competitive Analysis   
  7. Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
  8. Developing the Product, Service, and Value of the Offering
  9. Innovation and Competitiveness
  10. Pricing in Business-to-Business Marketing
  11. Business Development and Planning
  12. Business-to-Business Selling Developing and Managing the Customer Relationship
  13. Business-to-Business Branding Creating and Fostering the Brand
  14. Channel Relationships and Supply Chains    
  15. Communicating with the Market
  16. Business Ethics and Crisis Management Case Studies

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