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Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard Manual, The (BEE)

Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard Manual, The (BEE)

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BEE is an integral part of the South African economy and the calculation of a company’s BEE score has become very important. BEE permeates every facet of business, from ownership through to HR and procurement. It is a determining factor in the award of government and private sector tenders and has a direct impact on business competitiveness in the South African economy.

Written by experienced BEE consultants and an owner of one of the foremost BEE verification agencies in South Africa (AQRate), the BEE Scorecard Manual allows you to determine a business’s BEE score with a high degree of accuracy. It simplifies the process of calculation in preparation for verification by providing a step-by-step guide through some of the more complicated calculations. The BEE Scorecard Manual is a handy tool for practitioners assisting clients with the BEE scoring process.

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