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Wiskunde Vandag Graad 8 Leerderboek (Learner's Book)

Wiskunde Vandag Graad 8 Leerderboek (Learner's Book)

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What makes the Wiskunde Vandag course unique? Scaffolded revision tests at the end of each topic, allow for learners' to test their understanding of the topic; topic opener pages show key concepts and skills to be covered in the topic as per CAPS sufficient examples for learners to practice on, full colour book enhances visual understanding; definitions of all new mathematics terms are provided in keyword boxes; worked examples before each exercise, show learners how to go about answering exercises; the How does this work? feature explains difficult examples in greater detail. Trust Today to be up-to-date and fresh for the classroom: Opportunities for revision, exam practice and assessment throughout; develops language skills alongside subject knowledge; all content is fully CAPS-compliant; your easy-to-use complete classroom solution! Today, for successful teaching tomorrow.

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