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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

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Women’s security in political, economic and social terms is directly linked to the pervasive problem of violence against women. Violence Against Women: Law, Policy and Practice seeks to understand this particular form of human rights violation, by situating violence against women in its historical, political, socio-economic and legal context in South Africa. Whether in the private or public spheres, violence against women prevents women from realising a broad range of human rights that are central to full, inclusive and participatory citizenship. The authors of this volume reflect on the many forms of violence against women, the applicable laws and policies, and the challenges to effectively responding to this widespread violation of human rights.

Their contributions consider the role of law, policy and practice in relation to a broad range of themes including sexual violence, violence against women at the margins of systems and societies, and the impact on those who are working to defeat violence against women, whether as activists, practitioners or scholars.


Nolundi Luwaya is the Director of the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC) at the University of Cape Town.

Rashida Manjoo is a professor in the Department of Public Law at theUniversity of Cape Town where she co-convenes the Human Rights Programme.

Jameelah Omar is a senior lecturer in Criminal Justice in the Department of Public Law at the University of Cape Town.

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