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Via Afrika History Grade 11 Learner’s Book

Via Afrika History Grade 11 Learner’s Book

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A country is defined by many characteristics. One of these is economic
policy. This year, you’ll discover how capitalism in the United States and
communism in the Soviet Union saw very different developments and
difficulties arise in those countries. Another defining characteristic is
nationalism, which can take many forms. Just one of several examples
you’ll explore is that of our own country, where a controversial type
of nationalism gave rise to the founding of the Republic of South
Africa in 1961. Everything that has developed since – including the
imprisonment, liberation and presidency of Nelson Mandela – is a
result of that moment. This is why History is such a useful subject to
study. It gives you a brand-new appreciation of the world as you know
it today: politically, socially and economically. Understanding the past is
the best way to understand both the present and the future. This book
will show you just why that is.

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