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Understanding Social Protection in Zambia 2e

Understanding Social Protection in Zambia 2e

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Understanding Social Protection in Zambia is a comprehensive, accessible and non-legalistic commentary on current and anticipated social protection in Zambia. The authors deal with various aspects of social protection that are in place under current legislation. In this second edition, they also analyse the impact of the newly enacted Employment Code Act and engage with its provisions to provide an overview of the social protection measures available to Zambia. Furthermore, this edition examines the anticipated changes that will soon be brought about by the National Social Protection Bill.

This book provides an overview of social protection, its history and sources. It describes the different forms of basic and mandatory social protection, maternity protection, medical and health insurance, occupational health and safety, and retirement funding available in the formal sector. The authors also consider the implications of the new legislation for the informal economy in Zambia. Finally, the social protection enforcement and adjudication bodies are surveyed.

A highlight of this second edition is its commentary on the Employment Code Act – ‘the most important piece of legislation for regulating labour relations in Zambia’ – which came into force in April 2019. This Act rightly receives extensive attention, regulating as it does employment across the board in Zambia and providing for workers’ basic conditions of employment, including the minimum wage.

Understanding Social Protection in Zambia examines policy and seeks to analyse Zambia’s compliance with international standards on social protection. This book refers to all the relevant case law that continues to shape the application and implementation of social protection in Zambia.

 Key points, which serve to summarise the features covered in a chapter, are included at the conclusion of each of the book’s 11 chapters. The National Health Insurance Act and the Statutory Instrument for Informal Workers are also included in the book.