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They Fought for Freedom: Yusuf Dadoo

They Fought for Freedom: Yusuf Dadoo

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On 19 September 1983, Yusuf Dadoo, one of South Africa's bravest freedom fighters died in England. As Dr Dadoo lay dying, he wrote to the Communist Party to apologise for not being able to attend one of their meetings. This book salutes Dr Dadoo. It is the story of his childhood in Johannesburg, his student days in India and Scotland, his days spent in South Africa's prisons, and the battles he fought to end the evil system of apartheid. Stories about injustice are often sad. But Dadoo found time for laughter too. And so will you when you relive some of the exciting moments in our history with one of our many brave heroes who fought for freedom. They Fought for Freedom tells the life stories of southern African leaders who struggled for freedom and justice. In spite of the important roles they played in the history of southern Africa, most of these leaders have been largely ignored by the history books. The series tells their stories in an entertaining manner, in clear language and aims to restore them to their rightful place in history.

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