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They Fought for Freedom: Chris Hani

They Fought for Freedom: Chris Hani

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In the biggest stayaway ever in South Africa, hundreds of thousands of people mourned the assassination of Chris Hani in April 1993. He was the first liberation movement leader to be buried with full military honours. But Chris Hani will not be remembered simply because he was a brave soldier and a popular leader. He was also a warm individual who showed concern for others, and was loved and respected by those who knew him. This book pays tribute to Chris Hani: the man of learning, the soldier, the individual. In Nelson Mandela's words, 'He was a fighter for peace, freedom and justice. Above all, he was a lover of the poor, the workers and the rural masses. He was a true son of the soil.' They Fought for Freedom tells the life stories of southern African leaders who struggled for freedom and justice. In spite of the important roles they played in the history of southern Africa, most of these leaders have been largely ignored by the history books. The series tells their stories in an entertaining manner, in clear language and aims to restore them to their rightful place in history.

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