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Teaching with Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Teaching with Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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Teaching with ICT prepares teachers to teach with ICT rather than focusing on technologies. This book shows teachers how ICTs can be used effectively as learning tools. It introduces the key theories for integrating ICTs into lessons, and explains the types of ICTs that are currently used in the field of education. It draws on useful concepts from developmental psychology so that the ICTs used at the different grades are age-appropriate. In addition, the book examines local and international policy initiatives that try to harness the potential of ICT learning.


  • Personal and critical reflection boxes: Opportunities for students to reflect on their own use and practice of technologies in their own lives as well as with learners during teaching practice.
  • Tips for teachers.
  • Detailed lesson plans illustrating how ICT can be incorporated in a range of subjects and grades and involving the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) paradigm. This will incorporate practical tips or guidelines related to when and how to integrate ICT into the lesson.
  • End-of-chapter questions for discussion.
  • A list of useful websites for each chapter.
  • Additional learner and student resources are available on the OUPSA website Learning Zone for institutions that prescribe the book.