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Teaching technology: Intermediate to Senior phase

Teaching technology: Intermediate to Senior phase

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Teaching Technology: Intermediate to Senior Phase responds to the need for a comprehensive guide to a subject area that teachers often experience as complex. It provides an entry point to fluent and confident Technology teaching through engaging with the content and methodology of the CAPS Technology Education curriculum in South African schools. Its approach and features help student and in-service teachers to produce technologically literate learners.

Practically and resourcefully, Teaching Technology presents the history and theoretical underpinnings of the subject, mapping the integration of Science and Technology teaching. By presenting African perspectives of technology and its uses, and acknowledging the richness of indigenous knowledge, the book guides students and in-service teachers in using learners’ cultural knowledge as a springboard for greater conceptual understanding.

It also offers suggestions for productive Technology teaching in schools across the spectrum of resource availability by focusing on resource access and use, classroom management, lesson planning, inclusivity, methodology and assessment.

Teaching Technology is suitable for students taking Intermediate and Senior Phase Technology teaching methodology courses in the B.Ed., PGCE and ACE/ADE programmes, as well as in-service teachers of Technology who seek to develop professionally.