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Teaching Social Sciences Intermediate And Senior Phases

Teaching Social Sciences Intermediate And Senior Phases

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Teaching Social Sciences covers the teaching of social sciences at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phase. It balances theory and practice, and engages student teachers as reflective professionals in the South African context.


  • Chapter opener: Each chapter starts with a definition of the topic of the chapter, a synopsis of the current and leading research informing the area of study (Research), and a brief note on the main Classroom approach used in relation to the topic as well as the chapter purpose.
  • Stop and reflect boxes: This poses a question which requires student to apply knowledge and opinion. It requires critical engagement, as well as self-reflection on one's own beliefs and opinions, often of a personal, moral or ethical nature. This feature is also used to discuss how to approach controversial issues in teaching social sciences.
  • Activities: These could be activities student teachers can do in a tutorial or activities student teachers can do with learners during teaching practice. It could include a few discussion points along with specific tasks/questions/activities for students or the parameters for staging a debate. The classroom activity could be an example of project or an excursion which en ables learner