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Study and Master Geography Grade 11 CAPS Study Guide - Elex Academic Bookstore

Study and Master Geography Grade 11 CAPS Study Guide

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By working through this Study Guide you will definitely improve your results – whether you are working towards being the top performer in your Geography class, or whether you break out in a sweat when you have to do a project or show your school report at home! This marvellous resource provides you with: small chunks of work that you can easily digest before moving on to more lots of diagrams and pictures that help explain Geography concepts Test your knowledge questions and their answers to check your Geography knowledge and to practise Geography skills like mapwork exemplar exam papers and their answers a glossary with key concepts and geographical terms in accessible language an index for easy access of information. You can use this book to help you learn your Geography throughout the year, or for revision before tests and exams. This Study & Master Study Guide is written according to CAPS for Geography.

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