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Street Law: Democracy for All - Educator's Manual

Street Law: Democracy for All - Educator's Manual

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The second edition of Democracy for All: Learner’s Manual is aimed at young people, adults, students and teachers. The book explains how the international community understands democracy, and explores what democracy means to each of us. Democracy for All also explains how government works in a democracy, how the abuse of power is checked, how human rights support democracy, how democratic elections take place, and how citizens can participate in democracy.

The objectives of the book are:

• To improve students’ understanding of the fundamental principles and values underlying democracy in society;
• To promote awareness of the current issues and controversies relating to democracy;
• To show students that their participation can make a difference to how democracy functions in their country;
• To foster justice, tolerance and fairness;
• To develop students’ willingness and ability to resolve disputes and differences without resorting to violence;
• To improve basic skills, including critical thinking and reasoning, communication, observation and problem-solving.

Democracy for All uses a variety of student-centered activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulations, small-group discussions, opinion polls and debates. The companion volume, entitled Democracy for All: Educator’s Manual, explains how the lessons in the Learner’s Manual can be conducted and provides solutions to the problems.

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