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Starting your Own Business in South Africa 12e

Starting your Own Business in South Africa 12e

  • R 352.95

Do you want to start and run your own business? This fully revised and updated 12th edition of South Africas best-selling business guide contains all the information you need to start, manage and sustain a profitable small business in South Africa.

The book covers the key stages of starting a business: planning, getting started and scaling up. Read it in one go or as you need the relevant information.



  • Updated in 2010 to incorporate changes to SA legislation that pertain to small businesses
  • A business manual specifically written for South African conditions
  • Downloadable documentation (templates, forms and other business documents) on the OUP SA website, with electronic links (web links) to other helpful business-support sites
  • Real case studies giving the voice and opinions of real South African business owners so that the content meets the needs of most business owners and is representative of 'real' people

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