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Stars of Africa Reader Grade 2: Be quiet! Sit still! Don’t wriggle!

Stars of Africa Reader Grade 2: Be quiet! Sit still! Don’t wriggle!

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Lulu is going to the cathedral in the city. She is excited and all through the day she notices interesting and funny things happening. But her mother and granny are not amused! Stars of Africa is an exciting reading series for learners from Grade R to Grade 7. The series contains a wonderful selection for Foundation Phase learners to build their confidence as readers, widen their knowledge as learners and increase their reading pleasure. There are two types of books in the series: Stories: The stories are beautifully illustrated in full colour, set in urban and rural envrionments in countries all over Africa, and include titles to appeal to every child. Info (Information) Books. The info books introduce concepts and content from all learning areas and are illustrated in full colour to stimulate reading and learning. The books are divided into four levels: Starting - for Grades R and 1 Practising - for Grades 2 and 3 Improving - for Grades 4 and 5 Independence - for Grades 6 and 7 Within each level, the books have been graded further for difficulty into three sub-levels: A, B and C. For learners in Grades R-3, Stars of Africa has: books with no text, and beautiful illustrations books with very simple, repeated text Big Books, for teachers to use with a whole class stories and information books books with simple captions books with photographs counting books and alphabet books a book with rhymes, poems and song books about life and growing up in Africa books that provide knowledge of and encourage a love for the environment a dictionary activity book a book that deals with the experience of AIDS a book that celebrates children's rights a personal dictionary Activity Book that learners can use to compile their own word list for each letter of the alphabet.

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