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Rethinking Economics : Markets, Technology and Economic Evolution

Rethinking Economics : Markets, Technology and Economic Evolution

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Rethinking Economics is a major contribution to the reconstruction of an economic theory appropriate to the 21st century.

Just as major changes are occurring in the world economy, economics itself is on the brink of change. Orthodox economics is now widely criticized for its sterility and its limited applicability to real-world economic problems. Standard theoretical tools such as general equilibrium theory are now regarded, even by their leading practitioners, as highly limited and problematic.

New ideas from chaos theory, evolutionary modelling and institutional theory point to new, non-reductionist approaches in which there are units of analysis other than the atomistic individual. This work addresses core economic concepts, such as individual choice, prices, markets, production, industries, technology, innovation and economic growth in the light of these developments.

This unique, up-to-date volume makes a seminal contribution at the frontiers of economic theory.

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