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Producing Documentaries : A Practical Guide

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Documentary films have become an exciting and popular genre. Worldwide, the attractiveness and appeal of documentaries have increased tremendously. More newcomers are now able to enter this genre, because with an affordable digital video camera and PC editing system, a good story, common sense and enthusiasm, anyone can be a documentary producer. Moreover, we are surrounded by amazing true stories, waiting to be told. Producing documentaries will be of interest to existing documentary producers and film or journalism students, but its primary purpose is to prepare the first-time documentary producer to make good documentaries on an affordable, shoestring budget. With the minimum of theory and a wealth of practical tips, it provides step-by-step and practical instructions on how to create exciting and well-structured documentary films, even if you do not have a big budget behind you. This accessible, understandable and practical guide explains all the principles, production processes and elements of documentary film-making. The rest is only a matter of dedication, enthusiasm and practice, practice, practice Good luck!

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