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Power, Wealth and Global Equity - An International Relations Textbook for Africa 3rd Ed.

Power, Wealth and Global Equity - An International Relations Textbook for Africa 3rd Ed.

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This is a revised and updated edition of Power, Wealth and Global Equity, the highly successful and innovative textbook on International Relations aimed at students in and of Africa. Like its predecessors, this edition is aimed at students taking introductory courses in International Relations and in African Studies. However, many of the chapters will also appeal to readers interested in contemporary African affairs, and can be used by students in the fields of Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, History and Political Economy. 

Challenging the intellectual hegemony of ‘the North’, the authors show what the world and its patterns of power, wealth and privilege/marginalisation look like from an African perspective. By helping the reader to understand the origins and dynamics of the structures and institutions and trans-border political and economic interaction in today’s world, the book also empowers students to become active players on the global stage and to contribute to changing these structures and institutions for the better.
This textbook is extremely user friendly, providing the student an extensive glossary, list of acronyms, bibliography, index, maps and biographies of important people mentioned in the text. This edition includes completely new chapters on the international relations of the East and West African regions, as well as an updated chapter on southern Africa. 

Teachers of International Relations will benefit from the way in which material has been selected and presented with the educational challenges of young students in mind.

Contents Include:

•    Chapter 1 The Study of International Relations
•    Chapter 2 Theories of International Relations
•    Chapter 3 Morality and Ethics in International Relations
•    Chapter 4 The Evolution of the Global Political Economy
•    Chapter 5 States and the Inter-State System
•    Chapter 6 Analysing and Evaluating Foreign Policy
•    Chapter 7 International Institutions and Law
•    Chapter 8 Non-State Actors in International Relations
•    Chapter 9 Globalisation and the South: Markets, Mafias and Movements

•    Chapter 10 Africa in the Global System, 1600 to Decolonisation
•    Chapter 11 Africa in the Contemporary World
•    Chapter 12 Africa’s International Relations
•    Chapter 13 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Africa
•    Chapter 14 The Evolution of South Africa’s Foreign Policy, 1994-2005
•    Chapter 15 The Southern Africa Regional Sub-System
•    Chapter 16 The West African Regional Sub-System
•    Chapter 17 The East African Regional Sub-System
•    Chapter 18 African Development: Debates and Prospects

Of Interest and Benefit to:

•    Students taking university or technikon courses in international relations and politics
•    Students of history, economics and comparative politics

Key Benefits:

• Covers all important aspects of international relations: the actors, the dynamics of their interaction across national boundaries, and the structures generated by these interactions
• Places a strong emphasis on the socio-economic environment and international relations of Africa
• Provides the student with practical advice on such issues as how to use the Internet and careers in international relations
• Includes an extensive glossary, list of acronyms, bibliography and index

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