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POLITICAL THOUGHT SINCE 1945 : Philosophy, Science, Ideology

POLITICAL THOUGHT SINCE 1945 : Philosophy, Science, Ideology

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Political Thought since 1945 provides for a new generation of readers clear and accurate accounts of the views of seven major thinkers (Arendt, Dahl, Habermas, Hayek, Macpherson, Oakeshott and Rawls). Each one is placed in a context of comment and criticism. In addition, an introductory chapter sets out the ideas of other thinkers, so that the ambient controversy and conversation is made plain. Politics as philosophy, as social science, and as ideology are all considered. The search for a valid form of enquiry is shown to be a continuing preoccupation through the period. There was frequent evidence of delayed recognition and influence of political writers, and so this reliable guide will provide illumination for years to come.

Lucid and reliable, this guide to recent political thought will be indispensable for the generations of students.

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