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Pluralism and Development: Studies in Access to Property in Africa (first published as Acta Juridica 2011),1st Edition

Pluralism and Development: Studies in Access to Property in Africa (first published as Acta Juridica 2011),1st Edition

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Author(s): Bennett, TW,Mostert, H
Page count: 33
ISBN: 9780702195327
Languages(s): English,
Year Published: 2012
Categories: Indigenous Law and Customary Law, Comparative
Type: Print

About this publication

This title comprises a collection of papers presented at a conference held at the University of Cape Town in 2010, which consider how development in Africa may best be achieved by concentrating on access to property from a pluralist perspective, with emphasis on land, the most important economic resource.


  • Access to property in Africa: An introductory survey - Thomas Bennett and Hanri Mostert

  • Absolute ownership and legal pluralism in Roman law: Two arguments - Helen Scott

  • Legal pluralism in Africa: The implications of state recognition of customary laws illustrated from the field of land law - Gordon Woodman     

  • Legal pluralism and access to land in Nigeria - Enyinna Nwauche 

  • The changing dynamics of customary land tenure: Women’s access to and control over land in Botswana - Anne Griffiths    

  • Taking the gap – ‘Living law land grabbing’ in the context of customary succession laws in Southern Africa - Chuma Himonga   

  • Securing women’s property inheritance in the context of plurality: Negotiations of law and authority in Mbuzini customary courts and beyond - Sindiso Mnisi Weeks        

  • Contested power and apartheid tribal boundaries: The implications of ‘living customary law’ for indigenous accountability mechanisms - Aninka Claassens    

  • Lost in translation: Family title in Fingo Village, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape - Rosalie Kingwill

  • Land information as a tool for effective land administration and development - Gerrit Pienaar

  • Legal pluralism – The investor’s view - Johann Schiller     

  • Promises of future performance and informal-sector transfers of personal property: The example of Anglophone Cameroon - Claire Moore Dickerson           

  • Indigenous-law land rights: Constitutional imperatives and proprietary paradoxes - Anne Pope

Interest / Benefit to

  • Academics, South African and foreign – especially those with an interest in comparative law, customary law and property law
  • Law libraries, South African and foreign

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