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Performance Information for Managers and Internal Auditors - Theory and Practice 2/e

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Performance information is playing a bigger and bigger role in the public service environment. Governments worldwide increasingly realise that without reliable, useful performance information, no government or manager can plan for and monitor the success of programmes and projects. Managers must therefore be able to develop, implement and maintain a performance information system, based on the business cycles of the organisation, and internal auditors must have the knowledge to audit it.

Performance information for managers and internal auditors sets out best practice based on the Framework for Managing Programme Performance Information and other relevant frameworks published by the South African government in its drive towards establishing a government-wide monitoring and evaluation system. The principles provided for internal auditing can serve as the basis for developing audit programmes.

Contents include the following:

  • Legal and policy framework
  • The business cycle and performance information
  • Performance information concepts
  • Developing performance indicators, targets and standards
  • Data and performance information
  • Publishing performance information
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring quality performance information

Performance information for managers and internal auditors is aimed at managers who are responsible for implementing a performance information system within government, and internal auditors who have to assist management in its role.

Jeanne Prinsloo has been working in the public service environment since 1978, first as an employee and later as a consultant. Jeanne established Pro Publico Consultancy in 2005 to serve as a specialist auditor in the performance auditing environment. She has since added the auditing of performance information to her field of expertise and gives training in the auditing of performance and performance information. She provides a consulting service on the development of performance indicators and related policies and frameworks. Jeanne is the co-author of Performance auditing: a step-by-step approach, also published by Van Schaik.

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